Catherine J. McSorley Wedding Photo

Catherine J. McSorley Wedding Photo

Wedding Portrait of Catherine J. McSorley
Lowell, Massachusetts

Catherine J. McSorley was the daughter of Alexander McSorley, (a grocer, born 1832 in Ireland) and his wife Jane (born 1833). She was born in Lowell, Mass, in 1862. She had two brothers named Hugh and Edward, as well as five half-siblings from her father's second marriage: Mary A., Susan, John, Elizabeth "Lily", and Ellen.

Catherine McSorley married Owen Donohoe, a tavern owner, also from Lowell, on May 5, 1885. They had nine children together: Mary (b. 1887), Joseph (b. 1889), Alice (b. 1891), William (b. 1893), James (b. 1895), Edith (b. 1897), Helen (b. 1899), Charles (b. 1900), and Genevieve (b. 1903). Owen and Catherine were active in their church and community.

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