Unknown woman from Cabinet Card Photo album


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According to the directory of Massachusetts photographers, Lawrence A. Frageau (also Fregeau) worked at this address from 1882-83, according to city directories. He worked at 1070 Tremont on the 1881 directory. Since the 1881 probably refers to a copyright date on the artwork (definitely not the studio), this is probably no earlier than late 1881.

The directory I mentioned in a previous comment only has address 1051 Tremont for the Highland Gallery and a date of 1878, from a dated CDV. It seems the researchers didn't realize that Highland Gallery and Frageau were the same. It's probably one of those things that would be difficult to know if you didn't have an example like this. He worked at 1051 Tremont 1875-80, so those other two photos with 1880 printed on them must be from 1880.


Posted by Ranming on 18 March 2010 - 2:04pm