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Margaret Gotch, Ora Gene Adams, Fritz Bartel, Eda Marie Sheon

Margaret Gotch, Ora Gene Adams, Fritz Bartel, Eda Marie Sheon

from the collection of my grandparents freda bartel and michael seech
photo of girls from left to right margaret gotch, ora gene adams, freda frtiz bartel, and eda marie sheon, this photo is dated 04/13/1941
photo on right mrs sheon or shon
looking for info on these friends of the family
mercer county, sharon or farrell, pa areas

margaret gotch in photo

This may be a photo of my mother's aunt? The Gotch family lived in Farrell/Sharon. Margaret died early in the 40's. If this is her, it will be the only photo I have ever seen of her.

Margaret Gotch

If you can confirm this is your Mother's Aunt, i may have other photos of her as well. I will have to look. Please contact me at
Thank You,
Bonnie Seech-Dailey

hi,i see the present photo

hi,i see the present photo and i think that i have the same one at home it's dated from the 2nd world war
i want just to aske you if the rest of girls are alive and where do they live on this times,and if you can show me more photos of hers

This Margaret Gotch resided at 1048 Fruit Ave. Farrell, Pa. 1940

Bonnie Seech-Dailey

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