Lansing Eastern High School Band, 1960, winter concert

Lansing Eastern High School Band, 1960, winter concert

Lansing Eastern, Mi, concert band photo, winter 1960. I played cornet in the band from 57-60.
Directed by Walter Jenvey.

Eastern High School 1960

I am Walter Jenvey's grandson. About 8 at the time of this photo but I remember these concerts. Thanks for posting

Eastern Band

Hi Tim, thanks for the note. Mr Jenvey was well regarded by everyone in the band and taught us kids much, and many others for a long time. I'll try to send a note to other former members. We had our 50th anniversary reunion in Sept. Our web site can be reached by googling Eastern60.

That was the year I was born

Hi I am Tim's younger brother Doug. I need to show this to my Son David he is going to EMU right now to be a band director has 2 more years to go. He also write music for bands and will have one perform EMU band.

Mr Jenvey

HI Doug. Glad your son is going into band directing. I have a number of other Eastern pictures I could send you by email.
I and my wife went to MSU and played in the bands there. We have played, for many years, in the fine Kalamazoo Concert Band Me on trumpet and Deb on flute.


Hi David Rafferty,

I bet you remember me as we were in the band together as classmates throughout high school. You were a great trumpet player, and I should know as we sat near each other for our three years in the band. Those were fun and rewarding years as students in front of Mr. Jenvey. I loved and respected him and he is one of the teachers I remember, forgetting most of the other teacher's names.

Please reply to me via email. Also, visit my blog and respond to my stories.

It is wonderful finding your web page. Thank you for your writing.

Best regards,
Gary S. Norton
Class of 1960

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