Synodical Conference, Holy Cross, Saginaw, MI 1912

Synodical Conference, Holy Cross, Saginaw, MI 1912

First Row: Teacher, Manske, Geo. Nuechterlein, Roeckle, Kolch, Boerger, Meyer (Wis.) Secr., Gausewitz (Wis.) Pres., Stoeckhard, Speckhard, Vice Pres., Pieper, Dau, Fuerbringer, Pieper (Wis.), Dallman, Self, Fackler, Grueber, Budach, Mr. Nuechterlein (Frankenmuth).

Second Row: Ed. Schmidt, L. Nuechterlein, Teacher Braun, Drewes (later succ. to Bakke), Teacher Richert, Bakke (Dir. Negro Mission), Andres, Metzger, Wambsgans, Bekemeier, Walther, Kionka, Hoenecke, Destinon, Mr. Schroeder (Saginaw).

Third Row: Rutkowsky, McDavid (Negro missionary), Bartels, Wegener (Frieda's father), Mayer, Sievers Fr., Beyerlein, Knorr, Kaiser, Daib, Umbach, Arndt (who attended to collect money so that he might go to China as a missionary, since Synod wasn't ready for tat yet), Juengel, etc.

Rear Row: Wilkening, Teacher Hensick, Teacher Neumeyer, Teacher List, Otto Frinke, etc.

Way in Back: Fourth from Left: Grandfather F. Bronn (or Brunn)


I am interested In the Self that appears in pic. Is There a first name somewheres?

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