Mankato High School, Mankato, Minnesota 1935 Football Team

Mankato High School, Mankato, Minnesota 1935 Football Team

Front row: Frank Heckel, Hiram Fuller, Garland Odlaug, Ray Donahue, Pete Canellos, Bob Butler, Ward Erickson, Constatine Louris, Willard Krueger

Second row: Orland Evans, Orval Morphew, Harry Erickson, Elden French, Donald Frentz, Waldo Jaax, Hugh Willard, Stanley Hintze, Carl Brell

Third row: Coach Louis Todnem, Karl Kehner, Wayne Meredith, John Neitge, William Hickstein, Bruce Rome, George Nelson, Edward DeBolt, Pat Conlin, Robert Lutz, D. Peterson

Back row: Donald Donahue, Robert Jones, Donald Rebstock, Harold Bakke, Raymond Morphew, Walter Pribnew, Charles Koenigsberger, Glenn Davey, Kenneth Gosewisch, M. Henley

Henry Jabbra, football captain, Art Spenger, and Duane Simmonds are not in the photograph.

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