J. M. Vogt High School, Ferguson, MO Junior Girls 1934-35

J. M. Vogt High School, Ferguson, MO Junior Girls 1934-35

The future class of 1936.

Front row: Virginia Schroeder, Dorothy Sims, Doris Killian, Harriet Orwig, Mary Merrill, Jordis Land, Janet Woodward, Jessie Nessing, Frances Crowe, Mildred Kienstra, Lois Robinson, Lorraine Robinson, Rosemary Huber, Mildred Wonsewitz

Second row: Dorothy Green, Louise Rodenberg, Cecelia Hoch, June Robinson, Mary Frances O'Brien, Helen Caldwell, Dorothy Schlarman, Harriet Simpson, Jeanne LaBerge, Mae Hildebrandt, Margaret Haskell, Lydia Thies, Clara Durke

Back row: Miss May Hofriehter, Peggy McIntosh, Josephine Montrey, Donna White, Grace LaTourette, Ruth Holden, Violet Almstedt, Hilda Steinbach, Edna Behle, Marcella Popplewell, Mary Nathan, Marguerite Bieler, Virginia Grobengieser

Photo from the 1935 Crest Yearbook of J. M. Vogt High School

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