J. M. Vogt High School, Ferguson, MO Junior Boys 1934-35

J. M. Vogt High School, Ferguson, MO Junior Boys 1934-35

The future class of 1936.

First row: Mr. J. Nelson Judy, William Meyer, Billy Raup, Jack Nathan, Joyce McKee, Ted Dean, Preston Knox, Richard Heydt, Albert Ettling, Richard Barger, Harold Hemminghaus

Second row: Grover Wandling, Marcus Erbschloe, Roy Branson, Lawrence Allmeyer, Alden Staples, Stanley Mounce, Arthur Batchelder, Richard Crowe, LeRoy Warner, Robert Palmer, Knowlton Caplan, Dave Owen

Back row: Weldon Johnson, Eugene Herrmann, Gene Hackman, Arvel Joyce, John Crowe, Joseph Saunders, Meade Hagerty, Arthur Luebbert, John Scoville, Oliver Greeves, Ralph Behle, Robert King, Billy Davis, Robert Kleberger, Billy Zeppenfeld

Photo from the 1935 Crest Yearbook of J. M. Vogt High School

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