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J. M. Vogt High School, Ferguson, MO Junior Girls 1935-36

J. M. Vogt High School, Ferguson, MO Junior Girls 1935-36

First Row: Marcella Montroy, Ruth Plank, Jane Reynolds, Jane Coppinger, Marie Lucckerath, Marcella Heger, Wilma Wilson, Thurley Gorry, Thelma Sander, Norma Greer

Second Row: Marjorie Scovill, Karian Kraus, Betty Nemnich, Christine Bakker, Dorothy June Beach, Henrietta Welland, Winifred McKee, Frances Baird, Sophie May McCallum, Virginia Hoeger

Back Row: Irene Tavetkov, Audrey Burch, Ann Bowman, Elizabeth Orwig, Ruth Kleberger, Vera Klingman, Mary Louise Adams, Mr. Billingsley, Rosalie Aydt, Clair Conradi, Dorothy Long, Golee Wallace, Theda May Kinney, Claire Nicholas

Photo from the 1936 Crest Yearbook of J. M. Vogt High School

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