Seth Kelley's Family

Seth Kelley's Family

Seth Kelly (1830-1900) and most of his kids.

Seth Kelly

Seth was my great, great, great grandfather. Cool to see this picture on the internet. Thanks.

Kelley Family

Is this a Kelley family with roots in Wyoming Co, PA; Dutchess or Delaware Co's, NY; Yarmouth, MA? descendants of Mac Teige O'Killia/O'Killey or any other variation to Kelley surname?

RE: Kelley

Seth Kelley was born 1830 in Steuben Co., NY, and eventually moved his family to Nebraska; son of John Kelley and Sarah Burger. Died 1900, married 4 times, had 16 kids with the first 3 wives. Kelley somehow was changed to Kelly at some point (I think it might have been within my grandfather's generation that the 2nd E was dropped).

A few more facts

My name was selectively chosen from past Kelly's. I am more than happy to be able to read up on the knowledge of my family. One thing that some people nay not know about Seth was that he was one of the founders of Tekamah. He also set kind of a tradition that ever since Tekamah was founded there has been a Kelly living here ever since. His head stone is in the Tekamah cemetery.

Seth kelly was my great

Seth kelly was my great great great grandfather also. He was the first kelly in tekamah and their has been kellys here ever since. My son seth is the last namesake left.

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