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Anderson, Rose Flora Diantha (Tibbetts) and Miss Metrick

Anderson, Rose Flora Diantha (Tibbetts) and Miss Metrick

This photo had to be taken sometime prior to 1936 or 1938 as I believe Rose had tuberculosis and died at Glencliff Sanitarium sometime after this was taken. Rose is the dark-haired woman on the left and I BELIEVE the woman on the right is a "Miss Metrick." Rose was my mother's (Jeanette May Clarke's) biological mother. I remain unclear as to whether my mother was placed as a boarder with the Cross family (see 1930 census) because Rose was unable to care for her or if it was because the birth was a family embarrassment. I have never been able to find a birth certificate for my mother and truly don't know if she was a Clarke (Maurice Clarke) or an Anderson (Elmer Anderson). She was essentially orphaned and spent most of her adolescent life at Rolf and Rumford Home in Concord. If anyone can shed some light on this mystery, it would be appreciated. Thanks!

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