Rudy Loewit with an Unknown Couple

Rudy Loewit with an Unknown Couple

Rudy Loewit, right, with an unknown couple.

The unknown couple may be friends or relatives of Rudy Loewit. Photo taken in the 1930s or 1940s in New York City, NY or Paterson, NJ.

The couple may be related to the Kafka side of the family. Rudy's mother was Anna Kafka Loewit. She had two sisters: Hermine Kafka Zeisler, and Mary Kafka Nemec.

Friends of the Loewit Family: Sam Myers, Abe Lipshutz, Joe Meyers, Ben Simon, Henry Untermeiser, Mrs. Popkin, Irene Simons, Altschule Brothers (pharmacists on Park Avenue, NYC, NY), Leah Wiener, Henry Stock.

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