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Albrecht Loewit

Albrecht Loewit

Albrecht Loewit was born in April 1859 in Bohemia, Austria-Hungary (now the Czech Republic). He immigrated to America about 1881. He resided in New York City, NY.

Albrecht was a printer until he graduated as a "Physician" in 1900. He had an office in his brownstone that was located at 1833 Lexington Avenue. Dr. Loewit practiced medicine and examined eyes.

Albrecht made his own ointment that was sold for 50 cents a box. The ointment was called: "Dr. Loewit's Ointment". The label on the box claims that the ointment is for the following: bruises, pimples, open sores, eczema, eruptions, ivy poisoning, barbers itch, boils, chilblain chapped lips and hands, cuts, sore nipples, and all diseases of the skin.

Albrecht was married to Anna Kafka Loewit (1859-1926). They had the following children: Edward Loewit (1886-1970), George Loewit (1889-1962), Rudolph Loewit (1891-1981), Elsie Loewit Remson. Albrecht's son, Rudolph Loewit became an optician in New Jersey. Another son, George Loewit became an optometrist in Youngstown, OH. Albrecht's grandchildren, Irving Loewit and Carolyn Loewit Kovsky (children of George) also became optometrists in Youngstown and Dayton, OH. Albrecht's great-granddaughter, Debbie Loewit is presently carrying on the family business as an optometrist in Dayton, OH.

Albrecht Loewit died in 1928.

Submitted by Jil Loewit, great granddaughter

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