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Edward Ferrall

Edward Ferrall

Edward Ferrall, oldest child of James and Mae (Kehoe) Ferrall of Brooklyn, NY. He fought in WWI in France and was injured by mustard gas. While he was in France, there was a little orphaned French boy who befriended Edward's troop and would be with them wherever they went. Edward was especially fond of the boy and wrote letters home about him, and his mother encouraged him to bring the boy home to the US with him so that they could adopt him and care for him. When Edward tried to board his ship returning to the US, French officials would not allow him to bring the boy. He was told that because there were so many casualties of the men there, they wanted all male children to stay in France. Both Edward and the boy were heartbroken at this news, and he had to leave the boy behind.

Edward loved horses all his life and was an expert in caring for them. Edward never married.

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