Andrew Geitner Family of Silvercreek, NY

Andrew Geitner Family of Silvercreek, NY

Left to right: Andrew (father), Kathleen Anne, Douglas sitting on the chair, Richard standing, Iva Marie, Joan Doloras, Crescence (mother).

Andrew Geitner was born 1886 in St. Marys, PA and son of John Baptist and Barbara Wendel Geitner of the Windfall area of St. Marys, PA.

It is believed that Andrew borrowed money and set off for a different venture and ended up in Silvercreek, NY and fell in love with his beloved Crescence Metzger. He paid all the borrowed money back. He opened up the Geitner Theatre where he and family labored.

Andrew's brother William married Anna Engert 1904 and they resided in Warren, PA.

Photo taken June 17 1931 in New York.

Submitted by Ginny Geitner Eakin, great granddaughter of William and Anna Engert Geitner

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