Allen Darius Strickler and Family

Allen Darius Strickler and Family

Left to right:

Howard Roswell Strickler (1883-1927) - son
Allen Darius Strickler (1845-1938) - father
Hermon Causten Tyler (1860? -1940?) - brother-in-law
Herbert Arthur Strickler (1881-1950)
Charlotte "Lottie" Augusta Strickler (1874-1918) - later married Lot Howells Cooke in 1900
Sarah Augusta Clapp Tyler (1832 - 1921) - mother-in-law
Emma Augusta Tyler Strickler (1851-1946) - wife of A. D. Strickler
Imogene "Genie" Christabel Strickler (1872-1953) - daughter - later married Harold Robertson in 1903
Charles Newell Tyler (1823?-1901) - father-in-law

Allen Darius Strickler was a South Buffalo celery farmer from the time he settled on Buffum St. until about 1920.

He came from Pennsylvanian Mennonite roots of Swiss origins, but became a Christadelphian around 1860.

Strickler Road in Clarence, NY is named for this pioneer family of Western New York.

Submitted by Bruce McCausland, great great grandson of Allen Darius Strickler

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