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Doctors of Olean Hospital

Doctors of Olean Hospital


Top row (standing) J. P. Garen, (President) J. E. K. Morris, T. B. Loughlen
Second row (seated) F. H. Bartlett, C. A. Greenleaf, L. W. Tindolph.
Third row (seated) E. A. Smith, E. Dodd, W. B. Potter, W. E. MacDuffie, E. D. Kilmer, H. E. Shaver.
Fourth row (seated) D. L. Wormer, J. A. Johnson, R. B. Morris, J. F. Kane, J. Boothe.
Bottom row, J. W. Cowell, D. MacDuffie, J. Ross Allen.

Dr. Raymond Bartlett "R.B." Morris (1885-1933) is the son of Dr. J.E.K. Morris (1856-1939), both pioneers in Xray technology.

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