Avon, NY Central School 1946 Football Team

Avon, NY Central School 1946 Football Team

Front row: Bruce Laverty, William Ferris, James Morrow, D. Collins, Ray Maxwell, Paul Collins, C. Brown, Donald W. Harrington, William Kuitunen, W. Henderson

Second row: J. Sackett, Timothy J. Cullinan, C. Bladergroen, L. (Lawrence E. or Leonard E.) Johnson, Jack Strong, Donald F. House, L. (Lawrence E. or Leonard E.) Johnson, Willis J. Harmes, Robert Bishop, William T. McKeown, Richard Welsh

Third row: Mr. Jess Furlan, J. Edward Tubbs, John Krick, Lewis Jesse, James M. Steele, Orris Staples, Ronald Tuttle, G. Stephenson, A. Marschke, W. Koval, James Settle, Robert Hite, A. Harmes, Bob Carlin

Mentioned in the yearbook but not in the photograph: Louis Cole, William F. "Bill" Bailey

Photo from the 1947 Avalon Yearbook of Avon Central School

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