Webster, NY High School Class of 1925

Webster, NY High School Class of 1925

The Class of 1925 photographed when they were freshmen in 1922.

In the class (and probably in the photograph): Ronald Abbott, Victoria Arndt, Gertrude Baker, David Bane, Gerald Barrett, Ida Bertsch, Margaret Brucker, Brandt Burrow, Wilhelminia Busch, Robert Church, Roy Corrigan, Howard Cripps, Leroy Cripps, Margaret Crump, Marie Duerbaum, Gladys Eckert, Merab Edson, John Fitzpatrick, Virginia Foley, Lillian Hallauer, Ronald Hart, William Hitteman, Naomi Hoffman, Nora Herman, Ruth Hicks, Eva Hosenfeld, Mildred Johncox, Edmund Kasper, Mervin Kittelberger, Isobel Kennedy, Margaret Kennedy, Elizabeth Ketwig, Katherine Klem, Louise Kohler, Florence Layo, Francis Lynch, Martha McLaren, Walter Merhoff, Mildred Merz, George Morley, Cecil Newton, Isobelle Owens, Chester Partridge, Blanche Pellett, Irene Pugsley, Marie Pugsley, Margaret Pye, Carl Savage, Anna Schwenzer, Gladys Shortt, Thomas Smith, Margaret Sprecht, Lois Turner, Eleanor Wager, Lova Walters, Eleanor Weeks

Photo from the 1922 The Reveille Yearbook of Webster High School

Webster, NY High School Yearbooks.
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