Webster, NY High School Class of 1928

Webster, NY High School Class of 1928

Photographed when they were juniors in 1927.

In the class (and probably in the photograph): Orena Abrams, Emily Arney, Jean Averill, Jane Baker, Dorothy Brown, Helen Clayton, Ruth Doyle, Evelyn Drury, Katherine Fitzpatrick, Anna Flint, Bernice Flint, Grace Forman, Marion Burnett, Ella Fronier, Virginia Goodell, Ruth Hall, Elma Hartung, Nan Hill, Edna Kuhnmunch, Alice Morley, Evelyn Monroe, Evelyn Scribner, Mabel VanIngen, Ethel Vane, Martha Versprille, Margaret Waterman, Marion Wilbert, Mildred Antes, Minnette Dayton, Katherine Fogarty, Leo Corrigan, Oakley Dadswell, George Finn, William Hartung, Alvin Hilfiker, Karl Hockenberger, Kenneth Klauss, Dean McUmber, Thomas Partridge, Raymond Pitt, Lewis Pinkley, Ronald Reitz, Ivan Hilfiker, Carlton Sutorius, Louis VanAlstyne, Kenneth Vandy, Wesley Walters, Wilfred Weeks, William Yaeger, Russell DeWitt, Kenneth Quimby

Photo from the 1927 Reveille Yearbook of Webster High School

Webster, NY High School Yearbooks.
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