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Avon, NY Central High School 1943-44 Kindergarten Class

Avon, NY Central High School 1943-44 Kindergarten Class

The future Class of 1956.

Seated: K. Crisp, H. Close, R. Jenks, L. Lee, M. Watkins, M. J. McAfee, M. Lanham, F. Little, K. Wilson, R. Strothers

Standing: B. Cole, R. Pollard, P. J. Nerber, E. Guttman, R. House, Miss Bishop, R. House, D. Schaefer, J. Goodberlet

Absent when photo was taken: E. Smith, S. Taylor, W. Williams, J. Futter, N. Gath, S. Jackson, D. Simpson, F. Windrum, J. Woodruff

Photo from the 1944 Avalon Yearbook of Avon Central High School, Avon, New York

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