Avon, NY Avon Central High School 1944 Senior Band

Avon, NY Avon Central High School 1944 Senior Band

Back row: R. Davidson, D. D'Pasquale, J. Ferris, J. Smith, D. House, J. Settle, G. Francz, J. Tighe

Second row: Miss Caufield, T. Cullinan, W. Cushing, D. Belcher, G. Stephenson, A. Cook, S. House, D. Jenks, B. Bryant, J. Sackett, D. Minard

Front row: G. Cole, F. LaGeorge, J. Beckwith, C. Church, D. Schafer, M. Anderson, G. Landon, M. Morn, M. Landon, H. Blewer, J. Smith, W. Ferris, R. Dieter, R. Payne, J. Mairs, J. Waide, M. Bradley, J. Moran

Photo from the 1944 Avalon Yearbook of Avon Central High School

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