Lockport, NY High School Faculty 1933-34

Lockport, NY High School Faculty 1933-34

First Row: Miss Burke, Miss Gerrity, Miss Ransom, Miss Wheadrick, Mr. Evans, Miss Pierce, Miss Wilson, Miss Harmon, Mr. Buckminster, Miss Snyder

Second row: Miss Kenney, Miss Reynolds, Miss Haines, Miss Collins, Miss Sipson, Miss Metzler, Miss Whitwell, Miss Pusateri, Miss Downes, Mrs. Shimer

Third row: Miss West, Miss Shaw, Miss Hamilton, Miss Alt, Miss Antolick, Miss Metz, Miss Hakes, Miss Wilcox, Miss Pease, Miss Bigelow, Miss Madsen

Fourth row: Mr. Ward, Mr. Burns, Mr. Shattuck, Mr. Muller, Mr. Rogenmoser, Mr. Clark, Mr. Zimmerman, Mr. Moore, Mr. Giddings, Mr. Fay

Fifth row: Mr. McCabe, Mr. Blakeslee, Mr. Ross, Mr. Beals, Mr. Travis, Mr. Meyers, Mr. Appleby, Mr. Tavrow, Mr. Doubleday

Photo from the 1934 yearbook of Lockport High School

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