Fairport High School, Fairport, NY Class of 1938

Fairport High School, Fairport, NY Class of 1938

Fairport High School, Fairport, NY Class of 1938

Photograph taken when they were juniors in 1937

Class roll: Robert Abbott, Charles Aldridge, Eleanor Allen, Charles Arnold, Arthur Barnes, Josephine Bartolotta, Sidney Bell, George Bluhm, Phyllis Bluhm, Dorothy Bridges, Marcelle Bridges, Nelson Buck, Donald Bueg, Doris Bushart, Sara Casella, Gerald Clifford, William Cobb, Lester Conover, Vivial Crellin, Josephine D'Accurzio, Eugene Dailey, Theodore Deal, Margaret De Domonico, Tulia Di Guilia, Allan Donk, Gerald Everhart, James Flanagan, Jean Foote, Betsy Freeman, Stanley Ganser, Gloria Hill, Kenneth Hitchcock, Jane Hockenbury, Marjorie Holley, Marian Holtz, Jean Howard, Katherine Kier, Betty Kitts, Erma Kodweis, Margaret Kodweis, Betty Kohler, Edward Konz, Jane Matz, Frederick Maybee, Hillary McLeod, Margaret Menaguale, Chester Miner, Lester Miner, Mary Montagliano, Fred Morse, Virginia Nemyier, Alice O'Dell, Jean Peppard, Mary Pittinaro, Arthur Pomponio, Beulah Rafoth, Thomas Reynolds, Charles Schmidt, Doris Schneiter, Lena Schneiter, Wilma Steffen, Harriet Sutherland, Kenneth Swartz, Hugh Sweeney, Edward Valentine, Ann Van Bortle, Robert Voigt, Walter Wadeikis, Russell Wahl, Louise Ward, Helen Waterstraw, Thomas Wawro, Douglas Wilson, Virginia Windheim, Laura Yorton.

Photo from the 1937 Hour Glass yearbook of Fairport High School

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