Kingston High School, Kingston, NY 1924 Football Team

Kingston High School, Kingston, NY 1924 Football Team

Football Team (in no particular order): George Bradley, Benson Miller, Emerson Davis, George Mollenhauer, John Byrne, William Cranston, Herbert Simonetty, Addison Schultz, Harry Kelleher, Vincent Rice, Albert Flanagan, Seymour Goldberg - captain, Frank, Disch, Wilbur Tetley, Mr. Dumm, Jefferis Pennington.

Bradley, Miller, Mollenhauer, Byrne, Simonetty, Schultz, Kelleher, Flanagan, Goldberg, Disch, Tetley and Pennington were lettermen.

Photo from the 1925 Maroon yearbook of Kingston High School

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