Miss Krug's 4th Grade Class

Miss Krug's 4th Grade Class

>>>Did you attend South Grove Schools on Long Island NY?!
South Grove School, Syosset, Long Island, NY. Taken MAR 1968. ID's as follows:
back row: Teacher Miss Krug, Stewart _, Robin _, Dennis _, Leslie _, ?, Katie Cline (me)
middle row: Bobby Mulvey, Kathy Schmidt, _ Fitzpatrick, Barbara _, ?, Susan Cutler, ?, ?
1st row: ?, Marie Pucci, ?, ?, Lisa _, Barry _, Abby Wenger

top row Miss Justine Krug,

top row Miss Justine Krug, Stuart Duwgason, Robin Howard, Jimmy Dennis, Leslie Maxfield, Eric Gesler, Katy Cline .

Middle row Bobby Mulvey, Kathy Schmidt, Jerry Fitzpatrick, Barbara Schwartz, Stephen Perz, Susan Cutler, Michael Iovino, Michael Young.

Bottom row, Joseph Catalano, Maria Pucci Charles Kuchenbrod, Charles Rosenzwieg, Lisa Sparigano, Barry Zerder, Abbe Wenger.

J. Fitz.

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