Mr. Shank's 5th Grade Class


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Mr. Shank

I was in Mr. Shank's class 1 year before this was taken. Gradutated Syosset HS in 1975. I became a chemical engineer largely because of Mr. Shank. I was facinated by this class. Ellen Breves

Posted by ellen breves (not verified) on 3 August 2009 - 3:08am
Mr. Shank's 5th Grade Class

It's so exciting to be notified that someone has commented on a photo I've uploaded here! Thanks for yours, and how neat that you were so inspired!

I've been a nurse since 1982; I was inspired by Mr. Shank & Ms. Krug.

Take care,
Katie Cline

Posted by Katie C. (not verified) on 13 August 2009 - 2:32am
Mr. Shank's 5th Grade Class 1969

Kate, I think I can name every kid in the photo, here goes starting from top row L to R - Stuart Dugason (spelling off I think), Jimmy Dennis, Charles Maneri (unforgettable), Eric Gesler, Joe Catalano, next row Michael Young, Katie Kline (I remember you moved soon after this) ME- Jerry Fitzpatrick, Kathy Schmidt,
Stephen Perz, Kathy Striano, Robert Mulvey (my best friend at the time), Leslie Maxwell, Mr. Shank himself, next row Abby Wenger, Susan Cutler, Charles Kuchebrod, Maria Pucci, Charles Rozenswieg,
Lisa Sparagano, Michael Iovino, and Barbara Schwartz.

Thanks for putting the picture up I hadn't seen it in awhile. I have know idea what anyone in it is doing now but I hope everyone's well.

Posted by jerry fitzpatarick (not verified) on 5 April 2009 - 10:11pm
MR Shank Fifth Grade

Katie and Jerry
Great job with names and thnaks for uploading picture

Posted by Little Bobby Mulvey (not verified) on 6 November 2012 - 4:51pm

You had it right It was Karen Striano not Kathy as I posted and it was Charlie Kuchenbrod who I remember as an all around good guy who graduated Syosset High in '76 with most of us in the picture.

Posted by J. Fitzpatrick (not verified) on 6 April 2009 - 10:37am
Jerry- What a surprise to


What a surprise to Google my name and find Mr. Shank's class picture. My memory for names is not as good as yours, but I remember many of the people, including you. Actually, I have a somewhat later memory of the two of us playing two on two basketball together in high school. Maybe gym class. Maybe just after school. We were playing two kids that were jocks, but we both played way over our heads, and we beat them. I remember splitting the defenders and scoring on kind of a scoop-finger-roll, which is probably the only time in my life that I made that shot. I've been playing more one-on-one basketball lately with my son, but he has gotten so much better than me that it is no fun anymore. (And he's only 13, but already he is about two inches taller than I am.)

I hope life has been kind to you and you are doing well.


Posted by Charlie Kuchenbrod (not verified) on 2 October 2009 - 9:47am
Hi Charlie!

This has been a lot of fun seeing the comments people post after finding our elementary class pics here. I found this site while doing family ancestry research. I have also uploaded a bunch of pictures that I've bought in antique/junk stores hoping that people might claim their family members this way. I just purchased 6 more yesterday which will soon be posted here!

Are you still on Long Island? I live in Pensacola FL now; moved here from NC about 7 yrs ago. Have been in TN, KY, WA, & TX as well!

Hope you're doing great; drop me a line sometime if you would like.
Take care!
Katie C.

Posted by Katie Cline (not verified) on 8 October 2009 - 10:14am