Jamestown, NY High School 1936 Girls Basketball Team

Jamestown, NY High School 1936 Girls Basketball Team

Basketball roster (and probably in the photograph): Helen Markiel, Lois Samuelson, Evelyn Swanson, Jeanne Nord, Irene Johnson, Sadako Takagi, Mae Lundgren, Vivian Lundquist, Eileen McGrath, June Carlson, Marian Hall, Mary Saldi, Viola Anzideo, Roberta McCraith, Audrey Soderquist, Inga Pearson, Marian Wigren, Lillian Yachetta, Gladys Elener, Betty Fagerstrom, Doris Hallquist, Virginia Riggs, Catherine Jarasyniki, Edna Mae Johnson, Joan Manzone, Neoma Carlson, Antonia Kulig, Mary Dipas, Margaret Chili, Lucy Basile.

Photo from the 1936 Senior Annual Yearbook of Jamestown High School

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