McAdams Family

McAdams Family

Grandchildren of Lyman H. McAdams from Erie Co., PA and Ashtabula, OH.

Front row, sitting: Lyman H. McAdams (son of Civil War veteran Lyman H. McAdams), Henry S. McAdams and Sarah McAdams

Second row, left to right: Joseph McAdams, Grace McAdams, Leo McAdams, Mildred McAdams, Fred McAdams

Back row: Henry L. McAdams, Dora Mae McAdams and Earl McAdams

The children all were born in Summit Co., OH, where Lyman H. McAdams moved to when he married Permelia Wilcox, daughter of Henry Wilcox, whom also lived in Erie Co., PA, prior to moving at an old age to his daughter's home in Summit Co.

Abt 1900 Lyman and Permelia moved to Wayne Co OH. and lived with their son Lyman H. McAdams, seated.

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