Coshocton, Ohio High School Sophomore Girls 1926-27

Coshocton, Ohio High School Sophomore Girls 1926-27

The girls in the Class of 1929 when they were sophomores.

Row 1 (front row): Mildred Zimmer, Mary Simmons, Kerma Young, Belva Cox, Florence Ferber, Dorothy Brewer, Katherine Huff, Yvonne Elson, Marjorie Mills, Delmina Sexton, Lillian Laird

Row 2: Evelyn Lockard, Goldie Kreider, Dorothea Zill, Janice Rogers, Marion Jones, Ellen Hinig, Annette Ashman, Mary Frances Thresh, Florence Zelkowitz, Annabelle Teale, Marie Miller, Frances Cheney

Row 3: Maxine Harrison, Mary Patterson, Janice Gaumer, Ruth Heffelflinger (or Heffelfinger), Virgnia Tracewell, Sarah Markley, Bernice Kilpatrick, Grace Smailes, Eloise Way, Ethel Scott

Row 4: Dorothy Hoyt, Garnet Griffith, Audrey Emerson, Kathleen Guenther, Beatrice Miller, Ruth Hudson, Edna Abner, Marie Laflin, Gertrude Borden, Bonnie Emler, Hester Wheeler

Row 5 (back row): Eva Felton, Irene Cooper, Eula Maffatt, Lena Miller, Alice McClain, Dorothy Van Voorhis, Yetta Weisblat, Ruth Hudson, Rachel Clark, Fern Bolen, Ruth Smith

Photo from the 1927 Tomahawk yearbook of Coshocton High School.

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