Chaney High School, Youngstown, Ohio 1935 Football Team

Chaney High School, Youngstown, Ohio 1935 Football Team

On the team (and probably in the photograph)

Front row, left to right - Robert Houston, Frank Benish, Mike Pachell, John Scharsu, Bob Kauffman, Steve Kovach, John George Kozak, Stephen Lesko, Pete Buniowsky, Nick Brandsovich

Middle row - Albert Brusko, Charles Ronald Kitchton, Francis Vukovinsky, Paul Robert Behun, Karl Schonhut, Jack Evans, Nick Lutseck, John Sardich, Paul Bernard Mihalik, Eugene Kennedy

Back row: Nicholas Mogish, Patrick Lynn, Todor, M. Lapushansky, Myron Antolik, Theophil Padach, Frank McDonald, Gula, Wencil Weiss, Owen Corrigan, Don Kerensky, Jack Kenney, Thomas Kenny

Photo from the 1936 Rig Veda Yearbook of Chaney High School

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