Johnsville - New Lebanon School Year, 1926-1927

Johnsville - New Lebanon School Year, 1926-1927

8th grade, Johnsville-New Lebanon School Year, 1926-1927, Montgomery County, Jackson Twp., Ohio

W. W. Helwig - Superintendent, Clyde Ullery - Teacher, Lervin Nelson, Willard Yoder, Oscar Gearhart, Deba Holderman, Bernise Layman, Gladys Leatherson, Sylvia Weaver, Gladys Gearhart, Hershel Bowman, Marie Stoner, Helen Help, Walter Holderman, Kemper Wogoman, Alice Bowser, Paul Wysong, Wilber Groff, Pauline Spitler, Opal Bowser, Robert Shank, George Weaver, Vera Bell, Catherine Longman, Irene Fakrenholz, Hilda LaRheir, Mary Jackson, Jacob Brumbaugh, Naomi Kempton, Carl Fisher, Dorotha Blosser, Marie Heck, Mary K. Bowser, Mildred Hull, Hobart Vaniman, Myrtle Blosser, Esther Wysong, Willie Brooks, Guy Conwell, Earl Garber, Garnette Hull, Cordia Leis, Martha Seim, Arthur Ullery, Gerald Priser, Ethel Swihart, Woodrow Bowman

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