Chaney High School, Youngstown, Ohio Faculty 1935-36

Chaney High School, Youngstown, Ohio Faculty 1935-36

On the faculty (and probably in the photograph)

C. W. Ricksecker - principal, W. W. Parmenter - asst principal, Lucy Altiere, Alma Axelson, W. T. Barr, Grace Bruce, Ida Cowen, Margaret Coombs, Nancy Copeland, Marguerite Cost, Laura Crabbe, Helen Culbertson, Anna Darr, E. J. Diller, David Duff, Emily Eberhart, Hugh Erskine, Bernice Fawcett, R. S. Fisher, H. O. Foss, Marian Gilchrist, Fred Gluck, Elizabeth Gordon, Josephine Gotsuch, Eleanor Grant, Nellie Grant Greene, John R. Griffiths, Edyth Hadley, Fannie Hatley, Maude Hobson, Allein Holden, Gerda Kmentt, Elizabeth Knowlton, Janet Lamb, Martha Laughlin, Gomer Lewis, C. H. McPhee, J. B. Milleysack, E. P. Morgan, Edith Murray, Ellen Newman, Andrew O'Bruba, Ralph Ovington, Harry Pabst, Martha Pauline, S. W. Rawson, Lawrence Reed, Verna Rifenberick, Robert Ross, Mollie Russell, A. L. Sanders, Paul Schumaker, Bertha Sloan, Esma Smith, Dale Thompson, Laura Thompson, Cora Turner, H. A. Tuttle, Madelyn Vinopal, Nina C. Eckert (secretary), Lucille Hoover (secretary).

Photo from the 1936 Rig Veda Yearbook of Chaney High School

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