Scott High School, Toledo, Ohio 1932 Baseball Team

Scott High School, Toledo, Ohio 1932 Baseball Team

Front Row: Bill McMahon, George Wendt - captain, Ed Southard, Wilfred Smith, Bob Jones, Bob Berger, Jim Perry, Arthur Scott

Back Row: Coach Bob Rettig, Ed Mussehl, Willard Beebe, Ray Carlson, Alfred Florence, Don Mewhort, Howard Ball, Ross Welch, Richard Davis, Langley Smith, Carl Meissner

Photo from the 1933 Scottonian yearbook

Scott High School Baseball

Coach Carl Meissner is (or was) my great-uncle. His sister Gertrude Meissner Reingruber is my maternal grandmother. I remember my dad (who was on the Scott Hi track team) telling me that coach Meissner gave him a good going over to make sure that his neice was dating an OK guy.
I know a lot about my grandfather Reingruber's German ancestry, bu not so much about my grandsmother's. I was surprised to see this photo comed up!

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