Centz School, Williamsfield, OH Primary Room Students abt 1913

Centz School, Williamsfield, OH Primary Room Students abt 1913

Primary Room of Centz School in Williamsfield, Ashtabula County, Ohio taken about 1913. 
The students as listed on the back of the picture:  

Teacher - Miss Jessie Russell.  Janitor - Luch Phelps.  

Girls:  Annabell Fobes, Clarabell Phelps, Mildred Chamberlain, Alberta Singerice, Leona Singerice, Vada Eastlake, Daisy Ketchum, Veta Bush, Frances Yokum, Helen McChesney, Clarabell Dorman, Frances Twichel, Alma Ivory, Lena Ivory, Marion Hoplinger, Ethel Bush, Mildred Tidd, Annabell Muse, Ruth Lane, Daisy Lane, Gertrude Pardee and Ruth Betsy 

Boys:  Wallace Kelly, Lawrence Hall, Lawrence Munnett, Hugh Ray, Frank Miller, Clyde Owens, Lyle Swift, John Luce, Greydon Singerice, Ralph Thompson, Clyde Bush, Kenneth Underwood, Walter Fleming and Henry Heath

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