Toledo, Ohio Vocational School Faculty 1929-30

Toledo, Ohio Vocational School Faculty 1929-30

On the Faculty (and probably in the photograph): A. G Backus, L. A. Bersticker, F. M. Burns, W. W. Chambers, G. C. Clements, J. C. Eddie, J. E. Grastorf, Clyde Harr, Grace Irwin, George Lamb, C. E. McIntyre, R. O. Merrill, Theo Nissen, J. L. Nuber, Donald Pirie, W. C. Riter, A. C. Schrader, Anna Schwertzler, R. F. Sullivan, C. T. Vannorsdall, F. J. Vogler, E. G. Whitney, Mary Bargman, C. A. Benson, Dorothea Bishop, Mary Boardman, Kate Gailey, Z. Langenderfer, Alice MacRobert, R. O. Romberger, Garnet Tompson, Donald Valk, F. M. Dannenfelser

Photo from "Vocational Graduates in Review 1930," June 1930.

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