Thayer Sisters

Thayer Sisters

Left: Mary A. "Minnie" Thayer Charnock born: November 15, 1870 WV Died: 1946 WV) married to Maurice Cope Charnock (born: July 21, 1871 WV died: May 7, 1941 WV.)

Middle: Frances Louella Thayer Chapman born: November 6, 1973 WV. died: January 23, 1941 Ohio) married to James M Chapman (born: April 1871 Ohio died abt 1915)

Right: Bertha Thayer Evans (born: December 28, 1883 WV died: March 12, 1959 Ohio) married to David Lyons Evans (born: Sept. 12, 1849 VA died: March 29, 1928 WV)

Children of Milton Homer Thayer (b. 1844 Ohio d. March 18, 1892 WV. and Mary E Hunter (b. July 11, 1847 Ohio d. April 1, 1914 WV.)

Photo taken in the 1930s at Mary A "Minnie" Thayer Charnock's house in Pughtown, Clay district, Hancock County, West Virginia.

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