Johnson Farm, Salineville, OH 1912

Johnson Farm, Salineville, OH 1912

Sept. 3, 1912 - The Johnson Farm - Salineville, OH

Johnson Family Farm Salineville Ohio

I am curious as to what Johnson's owned this farm. My great grandmother was a Johnson from Salineville, Ohio. If you could get back to me on this I would be forever grateful.

thank you

johnson farm

gossman is my family name, i don't no what my grandmothers maiden name was, the farm is on ocean rd. between salineville and mechanicstown, ohio. if you know this area or my family, i would love to here from you. Michelle

Family roots

My mother & Father was from Salineville & are gone now. I was hoping for a link to the family. The Fathers last name was Albert (Pennsylvania Dutch). My mothers last name was Maher (Irish - Tipperary, Cork area). My fathers mothers last name was Hanley (?). My mothers mothers name was Landry (French Canadian - Halifax, Nova Scotia).If someone could shine some light on this I would be most grateful.


Johnson Family Farm

Wish I could be more help.

I buy old photos of Harrison - Carroll- Tuscarawas - Jefferson Counties, OH on e-Bay - post them to this terrriffic free site, then resell them.

I always include any info that was written on the front or back. I am afraid that is all the info I have.

Good Luck with yoour search.

Johnson Family Farm

Can you send me this picture? Or a copy?

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