Bridgeport, Ohio School Class 1908

Bridgeport, Ohio School Class 1908

Bridgeport, Ohio School Class 1908

The names of the students are unknown.

old pics from bridgeport

hi there..came across this site tonight and was just glad to see a picture from the area i was born in... I have a weird hobby of picking up old pictures when i go down to the wheeling area (i was born there) i now live on lake erie. Ive been looking for old pictures of all my families in the wheeling area. Been to bridgeport many grandma lived in martins ferry till a year ago. Anyways was just wondering if you are from the area..i pick up the old pictures in antique shops and bring them home..i feel its so sad they belong to someones family... like theya re ok hope you

Wow, so glad you posted that

I have pics similar same building they were my grandmothers and I wondered where it was taken. Thanks for posting it!

Good ole Atenaville!

My dad's clan came from Bridgeport and I also have pictures of this school where so many of my kin went to grammar school. My Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother were Solomon Jesse Douds and Tokeah McAninch Douds. I also have pictures of him dating back to the 1860's in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. His father was John B. Douds who was killed in Spottsylvania 1864 in the Civil War.

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