Albert Lee Irey

Albert Lee Irey

Albert Lee Irey, aka: A.L. Irey
Born: Dec. 1, 1874 (not confirmed) Washington County, PA (also not confirmed)
Married to: Clara Xenia Willard June 20, 1900 in Ada, Ohio
Died: August 16, 1962 in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio

Cannot confirm his exact birthdate - somewhere between 1872 and 1874 in PA. In a letter written long ago he claims that his mother's name was Sarah Irey. It is believed that Sarah Irey that married Thomas Barnes in East Finley, Washington County, PA. Another last name for him as a child (from confusing census records) could be Lee Dixon (Dickson). Sarah Irey was daughter of John and Jennie "Jen" McCoy.

Do you know more about Albert Lee Irey or his family? Please let me know.

Submitted by Joan Woodruff-Owens, great great granddaughter

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