Ashley High School, Ashley OH, 1922, Sophomore Class

Ashley High School, Ashley OH, 1922, Sophomore Class

1922 Ashley High School, Ashley OH, 10th Grade Class
Names in alphabetical order: Madaline Barton, Crystal Bennett, Paul Bennett, Wanda Caris, Claude Claypool, Lilibel Cole, Thelma Davis, Esther Hensley, Daisy Hensley, George Hershey, Bessie Houseworth, Ralph Jacoby, Edgar Jolley, Madaline Lewis, Robert Lea, Merlin Martin, Irene Place, Opal Renz, Gladys Rosecrans, Zelma Shoemaker, Harold Shoemaker, Bion Shoemaker, Ward Stanley, Bertha Twigg, Howard Wallace, Kathryn Westbrook, Russell Whitehurst, Lois Watters, Floy Waters

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