Canton, Ohio Football Team 1906


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1906 Canton bulldogs picture

The player/coach of the team was the guy named Wallace, in the back row. His full name was Charles Edgar Wallace, but he was universally known then as "Blondy" Wallace. He was quite a celebrity back then, and a great footballer, at 6'2" and 240 lbs. He was (falsely) accused of trying to fix a late 1906 season series of two games between his Canton Bulldogs and the Massillon Tigers, their biggest rivals and the three -time Ohio League champions. Wallace left football shortly thereafter and became a bootlegger in New Jersey (serving time in federal prison) in the 1930s and then moved west and became a bootlegger in Vancouver, B.C., in Canada.

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1906 Canton Bulldogs football team picture

My great-grandfather, Bob Shiring, played center for the Massillon Tigers team that was Canton's main rival from 1903-06. He was from the Pittsburgh area and was one of four "ringers" from Pittsburgh paid by Massillon to play for them. He and Bob Maxwell (i.e. Maxwell College Player of the Year Award) were the two who were allegedly bribed by Wallace to throw one of their 1906 games. There was an article in Sports Illustrated on 2/6/12 called The First Super Bowl on the big game between these teams in 1906. Over the years, I have collected much information and many original photos on these teams and the earlier ones from Pittsburgh. SI gave me a photo credit for the picture postcard of the Canton team that I provided them for the article. I have recently shared my collection with the Hall oF Fame in Canton so that they can add to their exhibit on the early game. I am working on some related projects. If anybody is interested in knowing more, sharing information, asking questions, please feel free to contact me at

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Jim Thorpe in picture?


This photo does not appear to have Jim Thorpe in it. I see his name on the list, but the photo does not appear to be of his likeness.

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1906 Canton Bulldogs player names

Correct, it's not Jim Thorpe in this team picture. It's Tom Thorpe. Jim came to the Bulldogs in 1915. Some other names are: Jack Ernst, Clark Schrontz, Dave Cure, Ed Murphy, Charles Townsend. I know most of the rest. Sheldon is the only one I don't know. Reemsnyder's initials are R.C, but don't know his first name. Contact me if interested -

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as in JIM?

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Canton Bulldogs - Thorpe?

Yes this is Jim Thorpe. Many in my hometown (suburb of Canton) knew him as he visited often. The Canton Bulldogs were the first pro football team, thus the pro football hall of fame in Canton.

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The only information

The only information available is what is shown on the postcard. If I had the first names, names of coaches, etc., I would have added it to the information.

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Thank you for posting this photo the reemsnyder is my great grandfather I took a chance and googled ohio first football team and there he was. I was so excited if you have any other info or photo I would really appreciate it as I haven't had much luck finding anything on this side of the family thank you again. sincerely shauna pasciuti

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what was his first name, and

what was his first name, and where was his hometown, and did he attend college?

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Need Change...

My coment is that on this picture you need to tell the students' first and last names...and you also need to tell if there were any coaches in the picture and if so which ones they were and there names beside coach...for ex.
Coach John Doe

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