Granville, OH High School Class of 1938

Granville, OH High School Class of 1938

Photographed when they were juniors in 1937.

Front row: Leslie May Seagrave, Betty Smith, Orval Jones, Mabel Campbell, Mary Alice Willett, Marguerite Belt, Jack Jones, Gene McCollum, Nancy Cash

Second row: Mr. John A. Campbell, Phyllis Sanford, Mildred Wright, Nelda Laughery, Mary McMillan, Helen Bolen, Alice Shepard, Polly Palmer, Louise Yingling, Alice Sipe, Miss Aldisa Freeman

Third row: William Wingert, Keith Warner, Ben King, David Leach, William Evans, Ross Shoults, Harold Smith, Eugene Robinson, James Holden

Fourth row: Dwight Griffith, Roland Alberry, David MacDiarmid, Charles Stiner, Howard Robinson, Dale Gosnell, Paul Gorley, Raymond Jones, Judson Long, Carl Jones

Photo from the 1937 Blue and White Yearbook of Granville High School

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