Granville, OH High School Class of 1939

Granville, OH High School Class of 1939

Photographed when they were sophomores in 1937.

Front row: Louise Cramer, Bette Davis, Louise Johnson, Jean Colburn, Phil Oxley, Virginia Price, Bruce Brickels, Charlotte Rowland, Virginia Palmer, Jean Owens, Marjorie Hankinson

Second row: Miss Mabel Kash, Eleanor Fisher, Evalina Cramer, Viola McPherson, Ruth Wright, Marjorie Hormell, Ruth Hormell, Martha Foster, Lucile Shaeffer, Mary Foster, Barbara Bjelke, Mr. Ralph E. Orr

Third row: Jean Hankinson, Harold Wright, Joe Huesmann, Ted Lindstrom, Esther Dixon, Mary Phillips, Betty Wright, Jean Bowlus, Katherine Farmer, Donald Showman, Ted Bodle, Clarence Giffen, Alice Eschman

Fourth row: James Goodrich, Link Russell, Max Wright, Mac Burriss, John Coburn, Charles Young, Byron Goodell, Gerald Robinson, Leland Daniels, Lloyd Cates, Earl Brock, Bob Wolford

Photo from the 1937 Blue and White Yearbook of Granville High School

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