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Elm Valley School, First Grade, 1956

Elm Valley School, First Grade, 1956

Ashley, Elm Valley School, First Grade, 1956-1957
First Row: (Left to Right) Mike Gibson, Jackson Wright, Connie Knauber, Scott Selanders, Stevie Lister, Bobby Powers, Danny Ganlee,, Penny Bartlett, Terry Corbin, Jonda Jacobs.
Second Row: John Pendleton, Susan Westbrook, Vicki Tilton, Danny Varner, Kathy Seiters, Janice Roush, Sandy Lang, Carolyn Thatcher, Mike Powell, Bob Howard, Bruce Strawser.
Third Row: Mrs. Virginia Wortz (affectionately called Grandma Fuddy Duddy), Jim Fox, Fred Shields Martin, Sharon Hines, Pat Piper, Gary Powell, Joel Staley, Lyn Bennett, Ross Hickson, Frank Nickolson.
Absent: Charles Dexter and Betty King.
Corrections were made in the names from the picture.

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