Brown School, Third Grade, 1957-1958, Kilbourne, Ohio

Brown School, Third Grade, 1957-1958, Kilbourne, Ohio

Third Grade Class, 1957-1958, Brown School, Kilbourne, Ohio
Row One: Larry Haviland, Tom Armstrong, Catherine Pennypacker, Nancy Armstrong, Jane Cole, Candace Hickson, Margaret Phelps, Lawrence Boyd, Thomas Smith.
Row Two: Nancy Smith, Linda Breckenridge, Patricia Caudill, Eldon Wigton, Stephen Sheets, Nancy Colflesh, Vicki Ferko, Ben Bilikan, Wayne Wood, Wendy Link.
Row Three: Mrs. Clark, Kay Hilton, Jennifer Scites, Judy Blain, Patricia Zent, Burton Green, Harold McCarty, Gloria Keltner, Eugene Leonard.
Absent: Emma Kent.

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