Ashley School, Elm Valley School, Fifth Grade, 1959-1960

Ashley School, Elm Valley School, Fifth Grade, 1959-1960

First Row: Tom Beckel, Lucy Nichelson, Michael Lang, Mac Piatt, Vernon Wolford, Tom Hickson, Dick Thomas, Chris Acker, Patty Murray, Dorothy Kanniard, Janet Smith.
Second Row: Jeff Drake, Homer Helman, Spike Piper, Mary Christine Smith, Fred Penhorwood, Charles Moore, Linda Ruggles, Gary Graham, Carl Hines, Diana Schimoeller, Marcia Frances, Karen White, Terry Raines.
Third Row: Carroll Thompson, Don Dowalter, Beverly Schollman, Due Dowalter, Karen Huffer, Brenda Smith, Dan Helton, Noreena Crump, Gib Adams.
Absent: Wendell Moore, Mary Jane Smith, Mrs. Pauline Urban

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