Brown School, Elm Valley School, Fourth Grade, 1959-1960

Brown School, Elm Valley School, Fourth Grade, 1959-1960

First Row: Fay Lawhon, Ruby Fetherolf, Rebecca Frizzell, Pam Leonard, Toni Muncie, Kathy McLead, Mary Coffee, Hank Reyolds, Tommy Wells, Donnie Votaw.
Second Row: Tyna Bumgartner, Martin Hollingsworth, Douglas Stratton, Mike Dill, Susan Ferko, Patty Jones, Don Breece, Mary Murfield, Rita Sheets, Cathy Beacom, Carol Trump, Patti Cook.
Third Row: Mrs. Conger, Vicki Sheets, Tom Bell, David Brenner, Janice Scites, Frances Clark, Barry Zwick, Kenneth Estep, Kevin McDonnell, Bonnie Brush, Bill Cackler, Charles Scaggs, Keith Fisher.
Absent: Johnnie Munday, Bobby Hinkle.

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