Ashley School, Elm Valley School, Fifth Grade, 1960-1961

Ashley School, Elm Valley School, Fifth Grade, 1960-1961

First Row: Danny Stratton, Wendell Ramey, Scott Selanders, Mike Gibson, Lee Ann Dildine, Penny Bartlett, Paul Acker, Sue Cook.
Second Row: Keith Crump, Bradley McCurdy, Mike Horner, Sandra Lang, Jonda Jacobs, Lyn Bennett, Jim Fox, Mike Powell.
Third Row: Mrs. Pauline Urban, Carol Borham, Ross Hickson, Vicki Tilton, Dan Varner, Marquita Lowther, Dottie Denman, Bruce Strawser, Bobby Miller, Miss Miller(Student Teacher).
Fourth Row: Harriet Hite, Sharon Hines, Joel Staley, Patty Piper, Beth Breece, Mike Bonnette, Jil Brandes, Charles (Buddy) Cackler, Rick Richardson, John Pendleton.

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