Ashley School, Ashley Ohio, 1961-1962, Grade 6

Ashley School, Ashley Ohio, 1961-1962, Grade 6

First Row: Connie Knauber, Penny Bartlett, Sue Warren, Bob Howard, Brenda Shelton, Bob Shelton, Jim Fox, Lynn Bennett, Jonda Jacobs, Dan Varner.
Second Row: Charles McBeth, Don Horner, Larry Boyd, Kathy Seitter, Vicki Tilton, Mike Connette, Harriet Hite, Tom Hickson, Joel Staley, Jil Brandes, Michael Estep, Joe Corwin, Mrs. Marjorie Lea.
Third Row: Bob Powers, Ralph Green, Frank Nichelson, Carolyn Thatcher, Susan Westbrook, Garry Powell, Ed Cackler, Phyllis Landes, Beth Breece, Janice Roush, Fred Martin, Ted Breece.
Absent: Margaret Pearson.

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